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Practical advice for employees

A SCOHSG company or organisation subscription allows one or more employees of member companies and organisations to attend meetings, irrespective of their health and safety qualifications.

Company or organisation membership can be used to help promote a positive safety culture in your workplace.

SCOHSG company and organisation membership runs from 1st April to 31st March





Membership Fees

  • Companies and organisations with 1 to 50 employees:             £35
  • Companies and organisations with 51 or more employees:    £65
  • Retired, unsalaried or student members:                                           £20

SCOHSG membership application (new or renewal)

Please complete and submit the online membership form below or download a Feb 2018 SCOHSG Application Form web and send it to our Treasurer. You can pay by cheque or online transfer with either option. Please make cheques payable to:  SCOHSG, and post your application form and cheque to:

SCOHSG Treasurer, c/o 2 Spey Close, Standish, Wigan WN6 0RA

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(This e-mail group is only used for meeting reminders and notices; email information is not shared with third parties.)

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