On 19 January 2017 two of our committee members, Phil Sedgwick, Director, Sedgwick Surveying & Safety Services and James Woolgrove, Director, Woolgrove Associates Ltd, stepped in, with only four hours’ notice, to present Sam Duxbury’s slides on: The management of subcontractors. Fortunately, Phil and James both have a wealth of experience in this field.

Topics discussed included: why contactors need managing, selection of competent contractors, documentation required, exchange of information, equipment requirements, monitoring and review.

Sam’s presentation started by considering why contactors needed to be managed followed by a brief overview of relevant health and safety legislation and the consequences of failing to have a robust system for the management of contactors. The presentation included examples of poor contactor management as well as practical ways of ensuring that contractors and subcontractors have reliable health and safety systems in place.

Phil and James used Sam’s presentation to stimulate a worthwhile interactive discussion about the responsibilities of the client and contractors and the need for good communication between the two throughout the project especially during planning stages. They also emphasised the importance of making time for a final review of the project in order to assess whether or not changes needed to be made to their contractor management systems.

A copy of Sam’s presentation can be found here: Management of Contractors

Sam has also given us permission to make the following contractors’ questionnaire sheets available:

Health & Safety Questionnaire for Subcontractors

H & S questionnaire for scaffolders

Management of contractors