Thursday 16 September 2021, 13.30 to 14.30

Zoom meeting

Speaker: Sharon Oliphant, Business Development Manager, Arco

Sharon started her presentation with video that explained the nature, scope and limitations of CE markings for PPE, and the dangers of purchasing counterfeit PPE with fraudulent CE markings. She gave members an overview of things to consider before purchasing common items of PPE such as safety footwear, gloves, and eye protection.

Throughout her presentation she emphasised the importance of:

  • Understanding workplace risks before selecting PPE.
  • Selecting the right PPE for the job (when this was the only viable risk control option),
  • Being confident in the quality assurance of purchased PPE and
  • Understanding post-Brexit UKCA PPE markings.

Sharon invited members to contact her with specific queries about PPE or if they would like a guided tour of ARCO’s quality control testing laboratory.

A summary of the meeting can be found here: 16 Sep 2021 PPE standards and UKCA EM

Links to video clips used by Sharon during her presentation:

CE Documentary

H&S Arco Toecap Video—–wACd0thQ0q5A23e-x8-9UYWG_GNHQ8zU9CuHE9z6SK47UbWCFnfmCFO

H&S Arco Midsole Video—–wACd0thQ0q5A784Uo7jzekWlPxZ_ilevdsV9YNb7bPijhGIs2DhnTR-

1690 Expert advice sheet Mid Sole v2AW——wACd0thQ0q5AxgnJYtlXfREKxWcTxmUDqlajhoY0ieDBVRMyMNvKt1q

2020 Big Book Footwear

Get to Grips with the Updated EN 388 Standard

Test for Safety Glove Cut Resistance in EN 388

Prescription Safety Eyewear UK

Impact Results for Different Lens Materials

2020 Big Book Gloves

10 Second Test – Lens markings – What to Look For

CE is No Guarantee ‘Know Your Risk’ Tool

Arco CVP Sales Presenter F—–wACd0thQ0q5A2oVi5RayqeLZr08tkbDtu6Su61Djdulsf91z_qeE77a

Arco Intro to UKCA Marking Presentation—–wACd0thQ0q5A1K2iM34rMuuFP-RW1CArC8XsvaJ816Ah1K4pFA4Tvt3

Sharon will explain the correct use of CE markings, how to understand the safety markings on PPE and how Arco test and verify the PPE they sell

Links to relevant HSE information:

Risk at Work – Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (

PPE standards and the introduction of UKCA marking.