Venue:    Westmorland suite, Crooklands Hotel, Crooklands. Kendal, LA7 7NW

Speaker: Kevin Twinn BA(Hons), Respiratory, Head & Face Specialist, 3M,  NE England & Cumbria

Kevin’s presentation:

  • Identified situations where workplace respiratory protection (RPE) is necessary.
  • Discussed the advantages and disadvantages of different types of RPE available to combat workplace hazards.
  • Explained face fit testing requirements including the two main face fit tests and ways of solving face fit problems caused by facial hair.

He illustrated his presentation by demonstrating some of the RPE that is currently available and discussed the pros and cons of various types of RPE.

A summary of the meeting can be found here: Feb 2023 VHK Face fit testing

A copy of HSE’s practical guide about workplace RPE  can be found here: HES hsg53 RPE at work

A copy of HSE’s practical guide on RPE fit testing can be found here: HSE indg479 Guidance on RPE face fit testing

A copy of 3M’’s practical guide on RPE qualitative face fit testing can be found here: J457159_SG_PSD_18_3M Qualitative Fit Testing Guide_2019_PRINT_A3_V4-FV

The importance of selecting the right RPE for the job and ensuring that it is face-fit tested and properly maintained.