Speaker: John Gould, Director, Process Safety Technical Advisory Service & Lecturer, Process Safety Management & Loss Prevention, Sheffield University

John has many years of experience of identifying potential major accident scenarios in the gas industry including off-shore rigs for firms such as Centrica. He was also a Specialist HSE Inspector (1994 to 2001). He used a series of major accident case studies
to help employers and managers undertake effective risk assessments with the aim of preventing major accidents that often result from well-intentioned minor failings such as poor communication, ‘patching up’ or bypassing a small part of the main process system to avoid unscheduled ‘shut- downs’ for more complicated maintenance work.

A summary of the meeting can be found here: 12 December 2019 Using case studies to help identify potential workplace hazards VHK

A read only copy of John’s presentation can be found here: 12 Dec 2019 JG Using Case studies to aid Risk Assessment

Using case studies to improve major hazard risk assessment