Date: 7th March 2018

In response to a request from one of the school’s teachers members of South Cumbria & North Lancashire IOSH Branch & South Cumbria Occupational Health & Safety Group joint committee agreed to organise some health and safety sessions for pupils at Kirkbie Kendal School to help them understand the reasons for workplace health and safety systems and risk assessments

Committee members, Jim, Carol, Val, James R, Gary and Geoff agreed that this was a worthwhile project that they would like to support. it was agreed that the sessions would cover the following topics: life style choices, risk assessment, safety signs, manual handling COSHH and asbestos. Val volunteered to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that could be used as a framework for these sessions and adapted, as required, by the presenters.

Principle speakers:  Gary McAteer, Jim Tongue & James Riddick

Assisted by:                   Valerie Kennedy, Geoff Price, & Carol Stearne

Venue:                             Kirkbie Kendal School, Kendal

It was decided that it was important for these sessions to be interactive with practical challenges to help reinforce the pupils’ understanding of risk assessment as something that they did every day. Presenters then demonstrated that this same basic risk assessment process could also be used to assess potential workplace health and safety problems. The sessions were based on the following framework but the main focus of the five sessions varied according to the pupils’ responses to questions posed.

Lifestyle choices – How can we improve our health?

Risk assessment – What do we mean keeping safe?

Safety signs – an aid to Risk Assessment

Manual Handling – including short video ‘It’s child’s play’

Using dangerous substances – with a practical challenge!

Why is asbestos a problem? – with an asbestos quiz.

List of other important topics that there was not time to consider.

Our committee representatives hope that the pupils enjoyed their health and safety sessions and that some of the concepts discussed will be remembered by the pupils!

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