Zoom meeting: Thursday 18 February 2021, 13.30 to 14.30

Speaker: Lucy Atkinson, Customer Success Co-ordinator, Crams, Scarborough

Lucy began her presentation by explaining that work-related stress is a serious issue, that it is often considered a ‘silent’ illness. She explained that employers and managers often do not realise that their colleagues are struggling with stress or mental health problems even though the effects the individual, or on business productivity, have the potential to be just as damaging as more tangible workplace hazards.

Lucy used her own experience of mental health illness, when she was in her early 20s, to illustrate how struggling on, without help, can lead to a downwards spiral and loss of employment. It was a moving story, with a positive outcome. Since then, Lucy has used her experience to ensure that all employees at her current workplace have access to all the help and information that they need to cope with mental health problems and stress.

HSE statistics released for 2018 showed that 57% of all working days lost to illness were attributed to work-related stress. In the last 12 months, over 600,000 workers reported suffering from stress, depression and anxiety, worsened by work.

A summary of the Lucy’s talk can be found here: 18 Feb 2021 Reducing workplace stress VHK

The workplace wellbeing questionnaire that Lucy referred to during her talk: 18 Feb 2021 LA Genilogic Health Questionnaire

HSE’s free workbook: Tackling workplace stress the management standards approach: Mar 2021 HSE stress workbook wbk01

A practical approach to reducing workplace stress and improving mental wellbeing