Thursday 21 January 2021, 13.30 to 14.30

Venue: Zoom meeting

Speaker: Danny Pyrah, Senior Risk Management Consultant, NFU Mutual Risk Management Services Ltd

Danny started his presentation by posing the questions “…What’s the problem with agriculture? …” and “…Why has agriculture got the worst rates of workplace fatalities in the UK? …”

He used HSE’s 2019/20 statistics to illustrate the types of agricultural accidents and incidents that still occur. Then he discussed the reasons why it was more difficult to establish routine safe systems of work in many parts of the agricultural industry particularly on small family run farms.

He covered a wide range of agricultural safety topics including safety and maintenance of farm vehicles and machinery, working at height, working with livestock, managing Rights of Way and zoonotic diseases.

A summary of the meeting can be found here: 21 Jan 2020 Farm safety VHK

Danny said: “…Agriculture is Britain’s most dangerous industry with an average of 40 people killed per year and many more injured. My presentation aims to give the viewer a little more insight into the hazards faced and some of the controls that can be implemented to try and bring about change…”

A copy of Danny’s presentation can be found here: 21 Jan 2021 DP Farm health and Safety

Farm safety – the challenge of managing animals and equipment safely, with case studies.