Thursday 20 July 2023

Venue:   Westmorland suite, Crooklands Hotel, Crooklands. Kendal, LA7 7NW

Speaker: Michael Boaden, Chief Operating Officer, Carlisle Eden Mind

After he had explained the main recommendations of the Thriving at Work mental health standards recommended to the UK Government in Stevenson/Farmer’s review (2017) Michael’s presentation took the form of an interactive session with members where he led a discussion about practical ways of improving workplace wellbeing and mental health.

He discussed ways that we can all help and support people who might be struggling without needing to employ an expert or compromise business demands. He identified the following as key components of a robust plan to improve workplace mental health:

  • Routine training programmes to: a) Provide mental health awareness training for all managers and for a team of Mental Health First Aiders and b) Encourage employees to learn new skills or enhance their current skills. Such training can boost workers’ self-confidence and self-esteem as well as providing opportunities for developing communication skills.
  • Management communication systems: develop clear lines of communication between managers, employers, and employees to build a sense of belonging with opportunities to share experiences, to develop emotional support networks and to improve overall workplace mental wellbeing.
  • Develop an interactive workplace culture by:  a)Encouraging employees to be aware of what is happening around them and b) Encouraging open conversations about mental health as part of ‘normal’ workplace conversations. The best support for workers with mental health problems can often be provided by their close work colleagues who notice that they are struggling and can help facilitate the early intervention that leads to quicker recovery.

A summary of Michael’s presentation can be found here: 20 July 2023 VHK Thriving at work mental health standards and creating a thriving business

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