Date:         Thursday 17 February 2022

Venue:     Westmorland suite, Crooklands Hotel, Crooklands. Kendal.

Speaker: Sam Duxbury, SHE Manager, Walter Carefoot & Sons (Construction) Ltd

Sam stressed that up-to-date training records are necessary but should never be used as a substitute for adequate supervision and project management. He emphasised the importance of on-the-job practical experience and the need for managers to ensure that their workers understand how to complete their tasks without putting themselves or others at risk. Sam illustrated his talk with practical examples of things that managers can do to ensure that employees are competent and understand their responsibilities.

A summary of the meeting can be found here: 17 Feb 2022 Assessing workplace competence VHK

A copy of Sam’s presentation can be found here: 17 Feb 2022 SD A common sense approach to workplace competence


Competence: how can workplace competence be assessed? A common sense approach.