Date: 9 December 2021

Venue: Crooklands Hotel, Crooklands

Speaker:    Steven Boyd, Principal Inspector of Health and Safety, HSE, Carlisle

This was a very special meeting!

It was  SCOHSG’s first face-to-face meeting since January 2020. Members were delighted to see one another again and to have the opportunity to network with the speaker and other members

Steve’s presentation covered three main topics:

  1. Changes in HSE during the past year including HSE’s inspection strategy and role as Building Safety Regulator.
  2. An update on HSE’s high priority inspection targets: Covid-19, fabricated metal, food manufacturing, waste and recycling and construction.
  3. A summary of higher profile health and safety cases or prosecutions in the region (a backlog in the court system has slowed concluded cases this year).

A summary of this meeting can be found here: 9 Dec 2021 HSE update meeting summary VHK

A copy of Steve’s presentation can be found here: 9 Dec 2021 HSE presentation SB Final -2

HSE update.