7 May 2020 Zoom meeting

Speaker: Dave Mason, Director, DMA Safety Management Ltd (Inspire Safety), Seascale.

Gary McAteer, Chair, South Cumbria & North Lancashire IOSH Branch, welcomed members and Dave to the first joint Zoom meeting of South Cumbria & North Lancashire IOSH Branch and South Cumbria Occupational Health & Safety Group.

Dave then gave members an interesting and helpful overview of the challenges facing employers who are having to manage home workers for the first time and also to adapt their workplaces so that they comply with Covid-19 restrictions as well as health and safety regulations.

His presentation covered the following topics:

  • Employers’ and managers’ responses to Corvid-19 restriction phases: emergency (1- 2 months), rehabilitation (2 – 12 months) and reconstruction (7 – 30 months)
  • Understanding how individuals need to ‘manage’ their health and wellbeing during and after the Corvid-19 pandemic: fear, learning and coping mechanisms
  • Self-help strategies: communication, structuring the day, strategy to balance the competing demands of family and work.
  • Management strategies: communication with workers (especially home workers and furloughed workers), Corvid-19 risk assessments (including home workers), lone working, statutory workplace inspections etc…
  • Planning for the future: phased return to workplace, additional equipment needs, back to work Corvis-19 training, succession planning and need for additional mental health support.
  • Leadership: use workers’ expertise to help decision making, good communication is the key to a successful outcome.

Gary McAteer then thanked Dave for giving members such a worthwhile presentation.

Our joint committee would also like to thank Dave and Elsa Mason for agreeing to make our first joint meeting Zoom presentation and for all the help that they have given to committee members who are novice Zoom users.

A copy of Dave’s presentation can be found here: 07 May 2020 DM COVID 19 Managing workers through lockdown and beyond

Covid-19: Managing home workers through lockdown and beyond