21 May 2020 Zoom meeting

Speaker: Dr David Gold MOEd CFIOSH, Vice President, IOSH & Managing Director and International Consultant, Gold-Knecht Associates

Elsa Mason, Vice Chair, South Cumbria & North Lancashire IOSH Branch, welcomed members and David to the second joint Zoom meeting of South Cumbria & North Lancashire IOSH Branch and South Cumbria Occupational Health & Safety Group.

David started his presentation by asking members to register their Corvid-19 stress levels by choosing options from an online pole. As he expected this demonstrated that stress levels amongst attendees ranged between coping well and high levels of stress.

His talk then covered:

  • Factors that determine individual stress levels: control of the situation, competing lifestyle demands and level of social support networks.
  • Risk assessment: calculating risk and risk ratings.
  • The stress spiral: financial insecurity, inadequate exercise, addictive behaviours, inadequate sleep, poor diet and exposure to violence.
  • Breaking the chain of causality: the role of the OSH professional, looking after yourself, seeking professional help.

Elsa Mason thanked David for giving members an overview of factors that affect personal stress levels.

A copy of David’s presentation can be found here: May 2020 IOSH Covid19 – mitigating the effects your physical and mental wellbeing

Covid-19: Mitigating the effects – Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing