Thursday 18 March 2021, 13.30 to 14.30

Venue: Zoom meeting


Ian Whitehurst, Barrister, Exchange Chambers and

Mark Davies, Director, Backhouse Jones Solicitors, Clitheroe

Ian Whitehurst began the session by defining workplace transport as any activity involving vehicles used in the workplace environment.  He explained that vehicles driven on public roads are excluded except when they are being loaded, or unloaded, on a public road adjacent to a workplace. He then covered the following topics:

  • The scale of transport related accidents.
  • The role of law enforcement agencies.
  • Practical ways of managing transport safety on site – including site design, site vehicle management, vehicle maintenance, driver training and specific risk assessment.
  • Sentencing guidelines – including business financial impact and case examples.

Ian then handed over to Mark who focused case studies and practical ways of minimising workplace transport accidents, especially those associated with loading and unloading vehicles and other high risk transport activities.

A summary of the meeting can be found here: 18 Mar 2021 Health and Safety prosecutions, including road transport VHK

A copy of the presentation can be found here: 18 March 2021 IW and MD workplace transport presentation

Health and Safety prosecutions, including road transport, and how to avoid them!