15 September 2016

Mark Dawson, HSE Head of Operations (NW), gave members an insight into HSE health and safety priorities for 2016/17. His presentation covered the following topics:

  • Fatal accident trends in the UK and Europe.
  • The danger of familiarity leading to unforeseen risks such as those at: Bosley Mill, Didcot power station, the Birmingham recycling plant and Alton Towers.
  • Workplace health and safety challenges due to: complacency, over interpretation of the law, health and safety myths and task risks being easier to manage than occupational health risks.
  • HSE’s major initiative Helping Britain Work Well.
  • Work undertaken by HSE NW in 2015/16.
  • The need to mobilise the silent majority as health and safety advocates.
  • HSE’s annual plan for 2016/17 and how that fits into longer term initiatives.
  • The new health and safety sentencing guidelines.

Mark’s presentation was thought provoking and worthwhile. He challenged us to ask ourselves if our contribution to health and safety helped or hindered others in the workplace.

A copy of his presentation can be found here: 15-sep-2016-hse-update-m-dawson

Further information can be found on the HSE web site:




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